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The thought of being separated from your beloved pet is a frightening one.

Unfortunately, the American Humane Society estimates that roughly one-third of all pets become lost at some point in their lifetime. Of them, 80 percent never find their way home again. Those are some scary statistics, but there is something that you can do. By having your pet microchipped, you can greatly increase the likelihood of being reunited with your furry friend if they ever run away or get lost. At Parkview Pet Hospital, we offer pet microchipping in Long Beach and would be more than happy to perform this simple and potentially life-saving procedure on your dog or cat.


A microchip is a form of permanent identification.
Despite common misconceptions, it is not a tracking device. While an ID tag or a collar can fall off, a microchip is inserted beneath your pet’s skin using a syringe and remains in place for the rest of their life. The process of being microchipped feels similar to receiving a vaccine, and there is no need for anesthesia, incisions, sutures, etc. Each chip is roughly the size of a grain of rice and, once in place, is detected using a handheld scanner.

Microchips do not contain any personal information. Instead, each has a unique identification number that can be used to look up information that is stored in an online account. When you have your pet microchipped, you need to register the chip and provide your name, phone number, and additional information. Our team will help you with this step. If you ever move, change your phone number, etc., it is up to you to update the information in your account.

If your pet ever gets lost and is brought into a shelter or vet’s office, they will be scanned for a chip. Someone will then use the number from the chip to look up your contact information. As long as the information in your account is up-to-date, they will then reach out to you to let you know that they found your furry friend.


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