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Pet Dental Care Near Downey: Maintaining Your Pet's Teeth

By the time they are three years old, the majority of companion animals have some degree of periodontal disease if they don't have routine cleanings and examinations. And this type of...
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3 Suggestions from Your Long Beach Veterinarian to Give Your Furbaby the Healthiest Year Ever

The start of a New Year is a time of positive changes. Instead of only thinking about methods to meet your own health goals this year, why not create a few...
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3 Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for Pets

With Christmas Day looming, you've most likely been occupied with making your list and checking it twice. Before the big day arrives, don't forget to get something special for your dog...
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A Vet in Long Beach Can Help If Your Pet Is In Pain

September is the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management’s Animal Pain Awareness Month. Pain is an important warning sign of injury or illness in your pet, so learn how to tell...
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Chip Your Pet Month: Everything You Need to Know About Microchipping in Long Beach

Since May is Chip Your Pet Month, it's a great time to familiarize yourself with the rewards of having your canine companion or feline friend microchipped. According to research, roughly one-third...
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3 Reasons Your Pet May Need to See a Pet Nutritionist in Long Beach

For most pets, feeding time is, by far, the best time of the day. The sound of kibble being poured into a bowl or a can of cat food being opened...
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Things to Avoid to Enjoy a Safe Holiday with Your Pet

The holiday season is a festive time of the year for you and your family. Without proper care, however, the celebrations can result in disaster for your pet. Holiday feasts, visitors,...
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Recognizing Pain in Pets: Tips from Your Vet in Long Beach

Whether you’re the mom of a Maine Coon or the dad of a Doberman, one thing is for certain: You want the best for your furry friend. Unfortunately, your pet can’t...
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Veterinarian in Long Beach Talks about How to Spot a Flea Problem in Pets

Caring for your four-legged companions comes naturally as a pet owner. You continuously go all out to protect your much-loved dogs and cats, even from harmful parasites like fleas. Restricting the...
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General Veterinary Services

When it comes to caring for the health of your cat or dog in or near Long Beach, CA, no one cares more than the compassionate veterinarian team you’ll find at...
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