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Veterinarian in Long Beach Talks about How to Spot a Flea Problem in Pets


Caring for your four-legged companions comes naturally as a pet owner. You continuously go all out to protect your much-loved dogs and cats, even from harmful parasites like fleas.

Restricting the time your furry pals spend outdoors or limiting their interaction with unknown carriers does not always safeguard them from fleas, though. These tiny bugs are adept at finding loopholes, and before you even realize, your pet becomes their next target. 

Keep reading to discover some useful guidance from our veterinarian in Long Beach to tackle the flea menace. It is our responsibility to provide treatment and educate pet parents at Parkview Pet Hospital. 

Here are some common noticeable signs that indicate the arrival of fleas. 


Seeing Your Dog or Cat Scratching Themselves Vigorously 

When fleas bite, your pet may experience sharp pain and an itchy sensation, causing them to scratch their fur. Our veterinarian in Long Beach warns that flea bites are prone to further infections owing to the constant scratching. 

Visible Indicators Are a Giveaway 

You may either spot a thin, reddish-brown adult flea or their dirt, which resembles specks of pepper. If not on your pet’s skin, traces of flea dirt may be visible in their bedding. Sometimes, it is also noticed in your pet’s favorite hangout spots at home. 

Noticing Tapeworms Emerging from Your Pet’s Rectum 

In the process of getting rid of the annoying fleas, your pet may accidentally swallow a few. Sometimes a tapeworm transmitted by the flea enters your pet’s digestive system. These pale-looking parasites are what you see wriggling out from your pet’s rear. 

Your Pet’s Skin Breaking out into an Allergy. Get Advice From Our Trusted Veterinarian in Long Beach

Flea bites appear as small, raised red dots on the surface of your pet’s skin. Those pets with sensitive skin may develop an allergic reaction to these bites. Inflamed skin is a sign of an infection that demands the expert intervention of Parkview Pet Hospital specialists. 

Getting rid of fleas is vital, as they quickly multiply and transmit diseases to pets and humans alike. Connect with our experts now and eliminate your flea concerns. 

Snippet: As your preferred veterinarian in Long Beach, you can entirely rely on the valuable advice and flea treatment options we offer at Parkview Pet Hospital.


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