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Things to Avoid to Enjoy a Safe Holiday with Your Pet


The holiday season is a festive time of the year for you and your family. Without proper care, however, the celebrations can result in disaster for your pet. Holiday feasts, visitors, and even seasonal decor can jeopardize your beloved pet's safety, and in the confusion of the season, mishaps are very common. Recognizing the potential dangers of the holiday season is the best way to safeguard your companion and avoid an unexpected trip to an animal hospital in Long Beach this Christmas. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most common holiday hazards for pets. 



Ornaments and Tinsel

Ornaments and tinsel are not toxic, but they are still dangerous - particularly to your feline family members. These shining, dangling decorations prove too difficult to resist for many pets. Tinsel, if swallowed, can cause serious internal problems. And when knocked off your Christmas tree, glass ornaments can shatter and cause serious lacerations. 

Candles and Lights

Candles and electric lights are just as dangerous to your beloved pet as the tinsel and ornaments mentioned earlier. If you've got a dog or cat who enjoys chewing, electrical cords can be deadly. And if you plan on lighting candles this holiday season, ensure they’re in hard-to-reach areas where your fur baby can not access them. Keep in mind, too, that the chemicals present in some types of aromatic candles could be dangerous for your precious pet to inhale

Holiday Treats

Many common holiday foods and ingredients are harmful to cats and dogs. Though your canine companion or feline friend may love them, you should not give them fat or bones. You should also avoid sharing chocolate, nuts, raisins, grapes, and even foods that contain members of the onion family, including garlic, with your furry friend. It’s normal to want to share some of your holiday feast with your four-legged friend, however, to avoid an unexpected appointment with your four-legged family member's Long Beach vet, it’s always best to adhere to your pet's normal diet. 

Visiting an Animal hospital in Long Beach this Holiday Season

If your precious pet has suffered an injury or eaten something they shouldn’t have, make an appointment with their Long Beach vet immediately. Here at Parkview Pet Hospital, our compassionate team is readily available to help if your beloved companion needs to be examined by a veterinarian in Long Beach this holiday season (or any time!). Reach out to us today to schedule an appointment. 


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