Just like humans, dogs and cats can experience various problems involving their eyes.

From dry eye to cataracts, problems affecting the eyes should always be treated by a qualified veterinarian. At Parkview Pet Hospital, we offer eye care for pets in Long Beach and the surrounding areas, and we are here to provide the treatment necessary to protect your precious pet’s vision.


Dry eye, eyelid defects, cataracts, corneal ulceration, glaucoma, and retinal disease are all relatively common in companion animals.
Additionally, many systemic diseases and disorders in dogs and cats are first detected during eye exams. If, for example, an animal has high blood pressure, there may be slight changes in their retinas. Certain types of cancer and some infectious diseases first present as inflammation in the eyes.

At Parkview Pet Hospital, we offer eye exams and well as treatment for many conditions involving the eyes. During a basic exam, we will closely examine the eye itself as well as the eyelids and the areas immediately surrounding each eye. We will also measure tear production, stain the eye to check for corneal ulcers and/or abrasions, and measure pressure within the eye. If we detect any problems, we will alert you and discuss the options with you. Our goal is to preserve our patients’ vision whenever possible and to prevent pain and discomfort.


Whether your pet is suffering from an injury to their eye, have a congenital problem, or just haven’t had an eye exam lately, we can help. Parkview Pet Hospital provides expert eye care for pets in Long Beach and the surrounding areas, and we would be honored to be entrusted with caring for your beloved companion’s vision. To find out more about our ophthalmology and eye care services or to schedule an appointment, please reach out to us today.


Parkview Pet Hospital provides eye care for dogs and cats in Long Beach, Lakewood, Norwalk, Cerritos, Cypress, Bellflower, Torrence, Downey, and the surrounding areas.