When your pet needs some pampering but doesn’t quite need a full grooming session, we can help.

At Parkview Pet Hospital, we offer pet bathing services for dogs in Long Beach and the surrounding areas. We understand that bathing your pet isn’t always an easy task, and we are here to make the struggle to get your pet into the bathtub a thing of the past!

Whether your pet is fighting fleas or just needs a bit of freshening up, let our staff turn bathtime into a relaxing and enjoyable experience for both you and your four-legged friend. We use high-quality shampoos and conditioners and have the skills necessary to safely bath even the squirmiest of pets.


While we love our pets with dirty paws and all, sometimes, they can use a bit of help in the freshening up department.
In many cases, though, getting a pet in the bathtub or sink - and keeping them there throughout the entire bath - is tricky. Trying to bath an uncooperative pet can be frustrating. It can also be difficult to get the temperature just right, avoid getting shampoo in your pet’s eyes, etc., and many pet parents don’t bathe their pets as often as they should because of the challenges they face.

Choosing us for your pet bathing needs makes your life simpler and makes your pet’s bath-time experience much less stressful. Our staff is trained to safely bathe dogs of all breeds, ages, sizes, and temperaments. They also know how to calm even the most anxious companions to make the process less stressful. Many pets even come to enjoy bathtime when they are bathed professionally.


For safe, professional pet bathing in Long Beach, trust Parkview Pet Hospital. We understand that giving your pet a bath isn’t always an easy task and are here to lend a hand when your fur baby needs some freshening up. To learn more about our bathing services or to schedule an appointment for your dog, please contact us today.


Parkview Pet Hospital offers pet bathing in Long Beach, Lakewood, Norwalk, Cerritos, Cypress, Bellflower, Torrence, Downey, and the surrounding communities.